I Discovered GPS!

However I decided that GPS, for me, means ‘guidance and protection system’.  And I use it all the time.  What I’m talking about when I say ‘GPS’ is something designed just for me and it is a system that guides me through my life. I’ve known it was there for a lot of my life. At one point, when I asked my parents why I sometimes knew things were going to happen before they did, my dad told me, and I quote ‘It’s just women’s intuition. It will go away.” We can talk about the dismissive attitude and sexist viewpoint another time. My point here is that he gave me a name for it and that started it all. Intuition. We all have it. It’s kind of like instinct but comes from a different place. And it is not only for women, either.

Intuition is information from within us that bypasses our intellect. It does not require and sometimes even defies logic and understanding from our brains. Like my father was taught to do, many of us were taught to ignore it and treat it as inconsequential. I do NOT recommend this. Leaning into and listening to my intuition has not only helped me find a huge resource but also it has taken me out of harm’s way. Once when I was driving through my small hometown, I came to the traffic light and started to make a right turn. Very suddenly, I KNEW not to make the turn. From where I was positioned, there was no one at the T-junction except for me and it appeared that it would have been okay for me to make the turn. It didn’t make sense as far as brain and logic goes, but I kept my foot on the brake anyway. Next thing I knew, seemingly out of nowhere, a car came racing through the intersection at a high speed. I was shook up for a minute. I was definitely prevented from having what could have been a pretty nasty accident in that moment. And I made the decision right then that my dad was wrong and I would not wish it away again.

Since that day many years ago, I’ve learned that my intuition has sooooo much more to offer than the ability to avoid car accidents. For instance, my intuition led me to choose a college that was seemingly an odd choice at the time. I had a full scholarship somewhere else yet, on the campus tour at my soon-to-be school, I came around the corner of a building and simply KNEW this was the place. It felt so extremely familiar somehow. It felt as if I had been there before, though this was the first time I visited that state. It turns out that Maryland would become my home for many years after that and I still think of Maryland as my heart’s home. Though it may have seemed like a crazy choice financially at the time, my school afforded me so much in terms of my life development, my education and some very important friendships that I have to this day. I look back upon that choice as one of the best I ever made.

I could list a host of other examples, but that would take up too much of our time. Instead, I’d like to say simply, take time for and get to know your own intuitive instincts. Pay attention. Listen to them. Learn about it. Let it teach you. One warning I would offer is, though it’s tempting, don’t let anyone else interpret your intuition for you or teach you how to use it. IT knows you. IT will lead you. Give it permission and space in your world and let it develop. Go. Discover your intuition. I guarantee it will make a difference in your life.

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