Iced Tea, Anyone?

Hi everyone.

K. So, I’ve been thinking. When I started this site, I first imagined a place for upbeat, positive thoughts, ideas and stories. A place where you might browse through inspirational material like poems, quotes and other writing for a while. Nothing to heavy, nothing too draining or dire. Maybe something like enjoying an iced tea on a hot afternoon…a refreshing, soothing moment in your day.

Then I wrote ‘Family Estrangement Ain’t Easy‘. A comment to that post expressed curiosity about the rest of the story related to it. That gave me pause. And my intention for The Peace Lily has shifted.

I’m still committed to offering you refreshing iced tea. I’ll continue post poetry and quotes and other thoughts. The new part will be that I’m adding some personal material. I’m going to share my story of estrangement from the family I grew up with. I’m inviting you to ‘Walk a Mile‘ with me through events in my life that led to my severing ties with my parents and siblings. I plan to relate experiences I had while in relationship with them and I will also include the lessons I learned, the wisdom I gained, while enduring these difficulties. My goal with all of this, as in my life in general, is to help. I hope that in reading and reflecting upon my stories and lessons learned that you will benefit in some way from encountering my stories.

Before I get started with my story of estrangement, I invite you to check out my Welcome Home page and read About Me to learn what makes me tick. Also, note the pages I’m building with Poetry and Quotes. There’s also the Contact page, if you’d like to chat a bit. I’m always happy to receive comments and emails and will respond pretty quickly to your contacting me.

In the meantime, have a weekend filled with peace, nourishing thoughts and activity, good people and, if you like iced tea, have a glass for me. šŸ˜‰


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