Happy Halloweenie!

I wrote a Halloween poem many years ago when I was a Pre-School Teacher.
The children were 3 through 5 years old and they seemed to like it.
As is par for the course in pre-school, we made a craft with
Popsicle sticks and construction paper pumpkins with
little black hats on them and there were motions we acted
out as I read it to them. It’s in a rhyming verse
(which I don’t normally don’t gravitate to) and,
I admit, it’s silly and ‘cutsie’. Even so, I hope it will
make you – or a little munchkin in your life – smile.
Have a good Halloween, everyone!

The Roly Poly Pumpkin

Roly-Poly was a pumpkin
who sat up on a hill

Roly-Poly was a pumpkin
that didn’t wanna sit still.

So he rocked a little this way
and he rocked a little that,

sometimes he rocked so hard
he lost his little hat!

One day he took a journey –
he felt like traveling a bit –

he wanted to do something different
instead of only sit.

He started out slowly,
moved a little here and there,

and when he really got going
he gave himself a scare.

For when he got half-way down
he really picked up speed.

He found he was going faster
than he’d really need.

So Roly-Poly slowed himself
and then he came to a grade,

and he had a rest beneath a tree,
just lounged in the shade.

“Whew!” he said right out loud
though no one was around

“I’m glad I stopped to rest a bit
on this little mound.”

He leaned against a little rock
and stayed really still

and then he saw a little boy
coming right down the hill.

The boy said, “Hey, you –  Roly!
I’m glad you stopped today

cuz I am looking for a pumpkin
to come home with me to stay.”

Roly-Poly was so happy
after going really fast

he was going to have a friend
to play with him at last!

Roly-Poly and the new boy
went home together to stay

and every year at Halloween
you can always hear them say…

Happy Halloween to everyone!
Happy Halloween today!

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