((i want to live))
yearning for years
to breathe
the deep lung-filling breath of a newborn
i never did get a full breath that first day cuz
the cord like a noose was around my neck
(i want to live)
churning for decades
to scream
away the insidious invisible muzzles
which i was taught to wear from that first day cuz
their ‘shush’ like a mantra was in my ears
(I want to live.)
grasping for my lifetime
for courage to stand
up and break through the shackles put
on my wrists and ankles even as they bound my feet
their power trip like twine twisting and tethering my limbs
(I want to live!)
now at last
after so many many years
i inhale and draw my first breath
and let out a scream heard despite all muzzles
and stand with tiny feet and broken shackles
and raise my fist
with all of us

(In honor of George Floyd and BLM)

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