Summer Daze

down the side
of lemonade glasses
that sit
on the oak table between us
we sit and stare
at something distant
no ideas for talking
we used to talk for hours
we couldn’t get enough
of each other
or lips
or bodies
or hearts
now our breath
steams the windows
and we just sit
beads and beads and beads
wherever you look
remember the love beads
they are gone from this place now
it’s so damned hot today
no comfort
no comfort
brought about by breeze
broken air conditioner sits
on the porch
you promised you’d fix it
I would if I knew how
I wait for reprieve
from this wave
that waits
and lives
for swelter
no shelter
inside of me
why the only cold I find
is when I look in your eyes

[Wrote this a long time ago. Eighteen years ago, August. A month before my ex-husband told me something. And it turned out to be the something that set our divorce in motion. I had no clue it  was coming…or so I thought.]

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