Maybe scary. But true.

I have to tell you something. Let me say right out first, though, that it is your choice whether to read further or not. Because this is a story that can be scary. It’s a story about your soul. You know the soul, right? It’s that deep-down part of you that Knows Things. You know, ‘Knows the Truth’ about things.

With some of us, it is dormant and sits there like a doorbell, waiting to be rung. And with some of us, this soul-part of us peeks up once in a while, like buttercups do in early summer and then can’t be seen for another long while. And sometime some of us (who would argue about whether it is a good skill to have or not) can Know a lot of Things a lot of the time. Let me explain.

There are some people who have an experience, or sometimes more than one, and it changes them forever. And to get through this experience (or experiences) they have to dig very deep into the heart of themselves to survive it. Sometimes it is also described as going out of your body and floating above it and witnessing what is happening to you, but not feeling the pain of what it happening. Sometimes it is talked about as if it is going to a place where everything turns off. All emotions, all feeling in the body. Sometimes, we don’t remember it for a long time. It does this because the pain is too much. Way too much to be present for. I mean, why would you want to, right?

We endure the painful situation and, somehow, we emerge on the other side. We drag this around with us for a long time until it begins to heal. And some of us realize, there wasn’t only the pain that happened that day. There was a gift sitting right beside it. It looks remarkably like the doorbell. But in fact, it’s more like being given a call-button we get to ring whenever we need to.

What I want to tell you is this. That part of us calls out even if we’re not having one of those terrible experiences. Did you know that? It needs to know that we are listening. It’s vital, actually, that we DO listen. Because we need it. It’s really important that we learn how to listen to this soul-part, because when we do need it, and we often do, we will have it at the ready and we won’t be at a disadvantage not knowing what to do.

See, what happened for me was this.

It was an awful, horrible experience on the one hand. But what happened to me on the inside of myself was remarkable. First, there was the pain, of course. But right after I detached from it, there was beauty. There was something off to the right and I was floating in it. Like the night sky away from city lights, there was brilliant starlight against a velvet indigo-black sky. It was eternal. It went on forever without boundary. And there was peace and beauty everywhere.

Then I was comforted by loving arms. Not just two arms like when someone holds an infant, but many of them, many pairs of arms, like six or seven. And they were simply arms offering love and assurance. Arms of loving light.

I learned there is this place in us that connects with the beyond, or the deep within us, or somewhere that is hard to describe but feels amazingly good. And intelligent. And kind. There is a place in us that has access to Knowledge of All Things. And the Heart of All Love.

It lives beyond the earthly. It lives beyond humanity. It lives beyond everything and everyone and yet it is exactly right in the center of each and every one of our souls.

Seek it.


Don’t wait. You don’t want to be too late.

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