A Short Autobiography

Age 22, Monday morning: Put in my contacts lenses, finished my shadow and lashes. Picked up a pinkish lipstick. Changed my mind, put it down, chose a red instead to make more of a statement. Picked out earrings, necklaces and rings, then a pair of heels to match my outfit. Picked up my Kate Spade, my Iphone, my keys and got in my Civic.

Age 28, Tuesday morning: Skipped the heels and eyelashes to save time. Just a little lip gloss. Grabbed the diaper bag, my baby, got into my minivan, headed to Starbucks, did the daycare drop-off.

Age 37, Wednesday afternoon: Still just lip-gloss and flat shoes. Ponytail now for ease. Called to my three kids that it was time to leave for soccer practice. Got into our crossover, piling equipment in the back and they joined their teams with 2 minutes to spare.

Age 45, Thursday evening: Looked through old pics today. Hardly recognized myself in the business clothes and make-up. Felt like looking at somebody else. Pondered the odd disconnect I felt bubbling inside.

Now, today, at no particular time: No makeup, no heels, no ponytail either. Short gray messy hair, glasses, barefoot, jewelry-free, no fuss. Since I could see past the mask now, I took in the beauty in the mirrored reflection. And smiled.

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