caustic chatter that we splatter
unthinking unblinking uncaring unsparing
(does it matter)
in the end
seeps into our veins
face it we can sense it tense it know it’s
living there thriving writhing restlessly
reigning over rational
national too international thoughts
(does it matter)
in the end
there’s a group-think
that only makes us over-think over-drink
lower and sink in vibration
a creation
of our original Selves
long forgotten
just forgotten
what was that again
(does it matter)
in the end
because as we all know in the end
all we know is
time is ticking clicking churning burning
like the wick
(it matters)
of a candle we can’t handle
any more than the forest tree
branches that scratch
and brambles that catch
each discarded word
we utter like crumbs in butter
you can’t get them out
of our creamy greasy measly minds
(it matters)
each     and     every     single
becomes atom proton neutron takes form has shape
makes a difference holds meaning sometimes deep
and yes
most definitely yes
each word matters
in the end

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