about me

If you’re curious about me, I have to tell you – so am I! My life has been nothing that I’ve expected it to be and everything that has created me. Every experience has moved me, shaped me and changed me just as rocks and boulders move the water in a stream. Yes, the water remains water in the stream, yet it has moved over, around and sometimes even beneath the obstacles when it has to in order to move forward on its course. So have I.

Here are some facts about me: I have degrees in Creative Writing, Fine Art and in Counseling (Psychology). I have studied a variety of subjects outside of degree-earning classes. I enjoyed learning about the Enneagram, which is a personality theory originating in Sufi mysticism; The Silva Method, a theory and method for accessing and utilizing different levels of consciousness, as in meditation; Astrology; religions (some Christian, some not) and I am a Reiki Master. Reiki is the Japanese word for ‘Universal Life Energy’ and is a method of energy work to bring about healing and balance.

I’m also an avid reader of many topics, especially poetry. I habitually crochet stuff like hats, blankets, stuffed animals (called amigurumi), sweaters and so on. I looooove nature and outdoor activities…hiking, kayaking, rafting, riding horses, a bit of gardening and being among the trees. I write, I paint, I draw on a regular-ish basis. I’m often known to dance to just about anything. This can happen while I’m cleaning the house, playing Scrabble with my husband and pretty much any time I hear music that moves me. I just HAVE to.

By now you’ve noticed I’m someone with a unique combination of abilities and interests. I’m open-minded, open-hearted and eclectic in most everything. Recently got a t-shirt that says, “Birthplace – Earth; Race – Human; Religion – Love; Politics – Freedom”. That will have to do for what approximately sums me up. 🙂

Peace in all you do,