First Post

I’m starting this blog with Eos, a poem I entered in the Poetry Society of Tennessee’s contest last summer. Eos won second place. Before reading it you’ll need to know that Eos is the Greek goddess of Dawn and Astraeus is their god of Dusk. And off we go…


She awakens us, this goddess,
with early morn and dew
white-yellow rays edge through
around leaf, mountain and stucco home

quiet birds begin their calls
and I growl as I come awake, wanting just 5 more minutes

but she insists, this Eos,
she stands firm in her call for me to move through time
that ticks on walls and inside skin –
a rhythm I cannot thwart

move on, she says,
move into the day
stop growling and go

see hear read what compels you to say good morning
speak that which articulates you
and gives structure to your form
carve out your place here, she reminds me,
be you with all your heart, she whispers

so I have my day
unsure of how it went on my dusty, twisting road
I turn for her approval
but she’s gone…for now

she is seeking reprieve from sun and chiming timepieces
that lead towards her darkened rest

she will meet with Astraeus later
her husband, god and lover
and they will change places
so he will stand in the darkness and starlight,
but first they will join the purples and turquoise of twilight

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