Song of Longing

How do you hug a mountain
How do you love a stream
How do you capture a robin’s call
And live in the garden of your dreams

Where do you find the courage
Where do you find the will
How can you fight city hall
And save the grass on the hill

When will you claim the legacy
When will you hold the dream
When do you think you’ll find time
To walk in your childhood dreams

It’s coming time to notice
It’s coming time to see
We’re living at the end of darkness
It’s time for us all now to be…

Together despite the warnings
Together to fight the doom
If we work together this morning
We’ll laugh tonight at the gloom

See, there’s time right now for the pruning
There’s time right here to cease
Days of waste and uncaring are over
For Love’s vision is offering us Peace

(Published in 2001 in Tapestry in Aspen‘s ‘Reaching for Higher Ground’. This was a compilation in honor of John Denver – the musical artist, philanthropist, humanitarian, activist and lover of the Earth and all Her people. I am honored to have been chosen to contribute.)

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