Welcome Home

Ciao, ¿Qué tal?, Nǐ hǎo, Salut, Konnichiwa, Anyong Haseyo, Habari, Hello

Welcome to my corner of the world. I’m hoping this will be a warm and comfortable place for you to spend some time. Here I hope to share some of my insights and perspectives with you, as well as offer poetry, quotes and other tidbits to provoke our thinking, express our desires, our frustrations and, overall, help us to link arms as we create our lives together on this planet.

My intent is to make this a welcoming resource to everyone who crosses paths with me here. I am open to conversation if something resonates with you and suggestions if they are intended to expand, broaden and uplift the material here and others who join us. You can find my email address on my contact page.

Let’s, together, create a positive space to help us all move forward in a healthy, whole and loving way in our lives.

(‘The light within me honors the light within you’)